Dear Client Due to new exploits against web-servers we are continually increasing security on your webserver. Today we have upgraded PHP so that it now runs in what is called cgi mode. In most circumstances the change will make little or no difference to the way in which your website runs and nothing needs to be changed. However if your suddenly experiencing errors on pages where they did not exist before please submit a support ticket with the full path to the error page and we will fix the issue for you. The most common issue we have seen with the upgrade is .htaccess files with php directives in them such as phpflag register_globals On ( as an example only. ) cause errors because php directives can no long run from .htaccess files, the quick fix to an issue like that is create a new file in the same directory and name it php.ini In your new php.ini file you would put the above php directive like this register_globals = On Thankyou for your patience with these changes, they are in the best interests of you the client and your important website/s. Nicholas

Friday, August 25, 2006

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